2013 MACLAS Prize and Award Winners

2013 MACLAS Prizes and Awards

Arthur P. Whitaker Prize, for the best book published by a MACLAS member, 2011-2012: David Sheinin (Trent University), Consent of the Damned: Ordinary Argentinians in the Dirty War.  Gainesville: University Press of Florida, 2012

Presenter: Maria Roof

Selection Committee: Richard Warren, Maria Roof, Reid Andrews


Harold Eugene Davis Prize, for the best article published by a MACLAS member, 2011-2012:  Michael Schroeder (Lebanon Valley College), “Cultural geographies of grievance and war: Nicaragua’s Atlantic Coast region in the first Sandinista revolution, 1926-1934,” Dialectal Anthropology 36 (December 2012)

Presenter: Jeff Pugh

Selection Committee: Jay Dwyer, Betsy Konefal, Paul Goldberg


Władysław Maryan Froelich Research Award: Patricia Rodriguez (Ithaca College) and Andrea Lepage (Washington & Lee University)

Presenter: Brian TurnerSelection Committee: Brian Turner, Regina Root, John Stolle-McAllister


Christina Turner Graduate Student Travel Award: María Victoria Mata Soledad

Presenter: Michael ShroederSelection Committee: Ken Lehman, Michael Shroeder