Past Prize Winners & Award Recipients


MACLAS 2010 Prize & Award Committees and Prize Winners & Award Recipients

Harold Eugene Davis Prize

The Harold Eugene Davis Prize is awarded for the best book chapter or article published in the previous two years by a member who has been in good standing for the past two years.

Harold Eugene Davis Prize Winner: Susan Verdi Webster of the College of William & Mary for “Masters of the Trade: Native, Artisans, Guilds and the Construction of Colonial Quito”, in Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians

Juan Espadas Prize

The Juan Espadas Prize is awarded for the best paper submitted to the conference by an undergraduate student.

Juan Espadas Prize Winner: Bruno Dubrosin of Trent University for “The recovered factories and Peronism: A grey zone in an Argentine social movement.”

James Street Prize

The James Street Prize is awarded for the best article published in Latin American Essays.

James Street Prize Winner: Carlos Rodriguez McGill for “Intertextualidad y la Construcción del Imaginario del Delito Urbano en un Capitán de Ladrones en Buenos Aires (1879) de Eduardo Gutiérrez”, in Latin American Essays