MACLAS Research Grants

     MACLAS offers to members a limited number of research grants designed to support scholarly projects that promise to advance the field of Latin American Studies in important, innovative, and interdisciplinary ways.

     Władysław Maryan Froelich Research Award.  Polish-born Władysław (Laszlo) Maryan Froelich (d. 2010) lived in Latin America for many years and showed a deep affinity for the region's culture and people.  A business professional by training, he demonstrated great passion for scholarship on topics as varied as Latin American folk art, pre-Colombian art and history, Argentine gaucho culture and the landscape of the pampas.  This Research Grant will award up to two $500 prizes annually to faculty, professionals or independent scholars to carry out research or creative projects on any facet of Latin American culture, politics, and society.  For more information about this award, and how you can apply for it, we invite you to inquire.  A list of past years' recipients and their project titles appear below.

2015– Kia Hall (American University), “Ereba Iriona Photography Project,” $500

2014 – Jeffrey Pugh and Eric Sung (Providence College), “Visualizing Peace and Justice in Ecuador and Providence,” $500.

2013 – Patricia Rodriguez (Ithaca College), “Grassroots Movements, Politics, and Collaborative Visions of Peace and Change in Colombia,” $500; and Andrea Lepage (Washington & Lee University), “Coconuts and Conversion: A Tupinambá Magus for the Viseu Cathedral Altar,” $500.

2012 – Carlos Riobó (City College of New York, CUNY), “First Hand Accounts of Captivity in Nineteenth-Century Argentina,” $500.