Become a member!

   We encourage you to join MACLAS, a community of scholars and others from New York to Virginia that are interested in Latin America. Membership is open to all. We welcome participation from senior scholars; assistant, associate, and full professors; both undergraduate and graduate students; and librarians, researchers, and others. We publish a peer-review online journal, the Middle Atlantic Review of Latin American Studies (MARLAS), and award book, article and paper prizes to our members.

Benefits of membership.

   Joining MACLAS means joining a relatively small, regional, cross-disciplinary, and eminently collegial network of engaged researchers in your own backyard.  It means becoming part of a larger community of scholars connected by their shared interest in things Latin American.  It also means:

  • Publication possibilities in the peer-reviewed Middle Atlantic Review of Latin American Studies

  • Awards for the publication of articles and books

  • Professional leadership opportunities on the elected Executive Committee

  • Sponsorship of outstanding graduate and undergraduate student researchers

  • Research funding

How to become a MACLAS member?  Two ways.

1.  Join when you register for our annual conference.  To be on the conference program, you must be a member of MACLAS. The registration form includes information about annual dues and allows you to pay for both membership and conference attendance at one time.  To become a member or renew your membership, and/or register for our 2019 conference at SUNY—Stony Brook, visit You can also mail us a check for the proper amount (see no. 2, below).

Click on image for PDF file with information about dues & how to become a member of MACLAS.

Click on image for PDF file with information about dues & how to become a member of MACLAS.

2.  Join at any other time.  For a one-page PDF file with current information about dues and how to become a member, click here or on the image at right, or contact MACLAS Treasurer Michael Schroeder at  Annual membership dues range from $10 to $35 depending on status & income—an eminently affordable way to remain professionally connected to your field and your colleagues in Latin American Studies!