MACLAS 2018 at Muhlenberg College


  Join us for our 38th Annual Conference at Muhlenberg College in Allentown PA on March 9-10, 2018.


     Throughout Latin America, shifting climates of all kinds have become entwined in unpredictable ways. Not only geophysical, but also political and cultural climates, along with financial ones - including neoliberal imperatives and public corruption - are sparking popular demands for state accountability. New media strategies and longstanding struggles over national identities, sovereignties, and rights of citizenship have resulted in a rise of populist governments. Additionally, ethnic, racial, and sexual and gender identities are altering and fracturing traditional centers of power.

     This year’s conference, open to faculty, graduate and undergraduate students, and independent scholars, offers participants an opportunity to critically engage with the theme of changing climates of all kinds across Latin America, from a historical or contemporary perspective.

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     Conference registration fees are $175 for the full conference or $100 for one day. In order to appear on the program, conference participants must be current members of MACLAS. Annual dues range from $10–$35, depending on professional status and income.

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